We strongly believe that a sustainable company is a competitive company.
To limit our environmental impact, we have chosen the path of intermodality.

70% of the goods we move to and from Italy move through a combined transport system. The result is:

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Use of rail transport vs road transport (2020-2022)

With the gradual increase in the use of railway connections, we have recorded an incremental decrease in CO2 emissions of approximately 3,200 tons.

Reduction of road congestion

Reduction of travel

Increased safety
on the roads

Improved quality of life for our employees

The 75% of our partners move
to strategic points, so as to carry out
the work they are passionate about
without being away from home.

Economic advantage

The goods transferred with 5 road transports
road can be moved with 4
intermodal transports, and this
means economic as well as
environmental advantage



Space Logistic’s road passes daily through respect for people. For us, this means taking care of customers and partners and allowing each member of our team to grow personally and professionally.
But that’s not all: it means activating partnerships with the universities of our country, to give a

concrete perspective to young people, who are increasingly looking for it outside Italy. Furthermore, we often choose partners from difficult areas, such as those of Southern Italy, and we participate in humanitarian missions, such as the one financed and carried out by us in 2022 along the Poland-Ukraine border.


For us, economic sustainability is not only an internal matter but also, and above all, an advantage to bring to our staff, our customers and our partners.

Each Space Logistic interlocutor must have the opportunity to grow together with us, because ours is a collective work, tackled together from the warehouse to the destination.


A profound ethics inspires and guides every action carried out by Space Logistic.

From interpersonal relationships to the development of the largest projects, each of our actions is carried out with transparency and fairness, in the belief that choices made ethically can only be sustainable choices.



Social Responsability System


Quality Management Systems - Requirements


Security management system for supply chain

Certificato riduzione CO2 Autostrada Ferroviaria Alpina 2021


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