Space Logistic awarded by Verallia Italia with the Sustainable Purchasing Award

Space Logistic wins the Sustainable Purchasing Award, an award promoted by Verallia Italia with the aim of enhancing the commitment of the group's suppliers in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In May 2023, in its Milan office, Verallia Italia promoted the first Italian edition of the Sustainable Purchasing Award.

This award, created with the intention of recognizing and rewarding the commitment of Verallia Group suppliers in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, is thus intended for companies that – in their daily work – are committed to making sustainable choices towards people and the environment.

The Sustainable Purchasing Award was presented by the managing director of the Verallia Group, Marco Ravasi, and by the Purchasing Director Olsi Callekas, decreeing two winners: the glass waste recovery company Ecolvetro Srl and us, Space Logistic Srl, which have been operating in the transport and logistics sector for years.

“Space Logistic took the win thanks to its strong focus on social ethics and its initiatives related to environmental sustainability such as the constant monitoring and sharing of the polluting emissions of its circulating fleet. In 2022, this made it possible to streamline the scheduling of our routes, so much so that we reached -4.4% of CO2 emissions compared to the previous year"

– writes Verallia in his statements following the award ceremony.

And again, Olsi Callekas states: “Verallia Italia believes in the value of strategic partnerships, since it is thanks to companies such as Ecolvetro and Space Logistic, that our organization manages to reach important targets in terms of business every year, allowing us to translate our company’s sustainability strategy into concrete practice”.

We are proud and happy about this recognition, which attests to our great commitment in environmental and social terms and demonstrates that every effort made to “do well” in these terms is a necessary, recognized and recognizable effort.

Likewise, we are proud to have a company like Verallia among our partners, which is the spokesperson for positive change, rewarding virtuous companies and contributing to their growth.

Verallia – with its 34 glass production plants, 3 decoration plants and 8 glass cullet processing centers in 12 countries – produces 17 billion glass bottles and vases every year. This work is carried out with constant respect for people, the law and the environment, promoting teamwork and customer centricity. Like Space Logistic, we choose to work with virtuous companies such as Verallia with the aim of creating a network of positive realities, capable of coming together to move the market towards more ethical and sustainable directions.

While we enjoy this recognition, we hope that the Sustainable Purchasing Award will be just one of many steps taken towards a healthier way of “doing business”.

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