A renewed brand identity for Space Logistic

Space Logistic renews its brand identity: new shape, same values as always.

Space Logistic is not just a logistics and transport company. Space Logistic is much more”. This was the premise that gave rise to the need to renew our brand identity. A rebranding that has kept intact the values that have guided our company since 2017 – the year of foundation – but which has ordered, enhanced and filled them with concreteness.

Space Logistic exists to change the paradigm of the logistics and transport sector. As? Responding effectively to the needs of the present, but taking care of the future and of those who will live there.

This is how we design transport flows and enable economies, with the care of those who know how to listen, the precision of those who know how to analyze and the energy of those who want to innovate.

Our vision then took shape through these words: "The best way to move the world".

For us, the best way to move the world follows paths traced by innovation, high skills and care for the world we inhabit. This is our way of contributing to the creation of a virtuous future, made up of collaboration and connections between people, businesses and economies.

The paradigm shift of Space Logistic, therefore, consists in considering human resources as the main resources, supporting them with the most advanced technologies to offer the end customer an always efficient and completely personalized service.

Not only that: taking care of the future means taking care of the planet that will host it. For this reason, 70% of the goods we move to and from Italy move through an intermodal transport system.

And this means a reduction in CO2 emissions and road congestion, an improvement in the quality of life of our employees and an increase in the economic advantage of our customers.

The values of avant-garde and innovation, of collaboration, transparency and respect, of humanity, trust and sustainability guide the daily work of Space Logistic. And these same values are also expressed in our logo.

We organise, connect and move, but we do it our way.

The rebranding work was carried out together with the team of Onde Alte, a social impact lab specialized in designing projects guided by the genuine purpose of generating a positive social impact. In all its possible forms.

Now that our identity has well-defined contours, we can’t wait to continue putting it into practice.

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